How To Use Twitter To Get Customers!

Let’s Look at how you can use Twitter to help you drive traffic to your various real estate marketing websites…

You may or may not have a Twitter account for your real estate investing brand already, but for the purposes of this report, we’ll start at the very beginning.

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The one thing you really need to concentrate on is your profile and your one-line bio. You have to make yourself sound exciting in 160 characters, as this is what many people will read in making their decision on whether to follow you or not.

You might also want to consider creating a background in order to differentiate yourself and offset yourself from other Twitter users and even other real estate investing brands. Some people create backgrounds that have all their contact details on so that their followers know how to get in contact in other ways than just using Twitter.

Now you are ready to tweet. Before you start looking for followers, make sure you have at least a few tweets to your name as an empty page is a turn off when asking people to follow you.

Tips on Tweeting

A quick warning here! Do not send out too many promotional tweets. A good ratio to have is 9 informational tweets to 1 promotional tweet. This way you will not lose too many followers and keep attracting new ones.

To establish yourself on Twitter, you will want to post lots of good content on your Tweets. You can send your followers links to other articles, press releases, blog posts, etc to get even more visitors to your websites.

Try to keep your posts interesting and personal as this will let people find out more about you and your business. People do business with people they know and trust – and Twitter helps us achieve this.

Ensure that you regularly post tweets, as the more you tweet the more traffic you can send to your websites. Followers are more likely to stick with people who Twitter often, so set up some kind of tweeting schedule.

A good way to convert followers into customers is to send tweets about free seminars, or video training that they can attend, with a small sales pitch at the end.

Re-tweeting is a good habit to get into as well, as this will help you get followers in the real estate investing social media ecosystem. Re-tweeting is where you tweet about another tweet that somebody else made. By re-tweeting what you find interesting it provides value to your followers, and if they like what you refer them to they will begin to trust you. You will also start to build good relationships with the original tweeter, who may very well return the favor and re-tweet your interesting tweets.

Finding Followers

Next, we need to look for followers. Over the long term, the best way to do this is to post great content. If your tweets are interesting enough, people will follow you without you having to do too much work.

But in the early days, how DO you get people to follow you?

A good strategy is to look at the other people who are operating in your niche. Find them on Twitter and then look at who their followers are and follow them.

You should find that quite a few people and influencers in the real estate investing ecosystem will return the favor and follow you back.

Now that you’ve got a few followers, you become more credible to other Twitter users. Post good content and make your Tweets interesting and you can easily start to build a loyal following.

Twitter Tools to Help

In an ideal world, we could easily spend hours on Twitter, but this is not always possible and there are tools available to help us make the most of Twitter.

Some people send tweets every day, and although this is a good idea we don’t always have the time. A useful tactic is to schedule tweets ahead of time with a social media management tool, like Social Pilot, which means we can automatically post prepared tweets at predetermined times.

There are so many tools available for Twitter way too many to mention here, so do a Google search for ‘Twitter WordPress plug-in” and “Twitter tools business” to open your eyes to the amazing variety of what is available.

Twitter Checklist

Here is a little Twitter checklist that you can keep next to your computer to help you make the most of Twitter as a traffic generating tool:

– Shout to the world that you’re on Twitter
– Send informational Real Estate investing relevant tweets regularly. (Remember our ratio – 9 informational: 1 promotional)
– Re-tweet any good tweets you come across
– Reply to the tweets addressed to you, as this builds relationships
– Pay attention to the kind of tweets you’re sending (make them personal and sometimes talk about everyday stuff.

People love to gossip, but that doesn’t mean your brand has to engage in its more destructive side.)

– Listen to what people are tweeting – can you help?
– Build relationships
– Enhance your reputation
-Discover How To Use Twitter Effectively To
Brand Your Real Estate Investing Business