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Need To Find Real Estate Buyers With Cash In Tight Markets?

real estate buyersThe toughest aspect to real estate investing in today’s economy is finding CASH real estate buyers for the properties we buy.  Very few investors still in the game today, have a large and reliable list of investor buyers who will buy up a property at the notification of an email.

So many investors have left investing all together, there is considerably more work involved in getting your deal sold.  In the good ole’ days, your real estate buyers list filled up as a result of your direct mail and networking efforts.  That’s expensive.

VERY expensive these days.  My realtor/broker just told  me:

I spoke at my local REI club, and where as two years ago the average attendance was 200+ investors, is now down to a 20+ average per meeting .  The credit crunch has everyone working harder, and getting fewer deals done.

So it’s plain to see… the old way of gathering a list of investor buyers that are anxious to buy a new deal off your hands is terribly slim.

Fortunately… technology is coming to the rescue.  What I’m using now, is so crazy good, I’ll never go back to the old way of selling my residential properties ever again.

I stumbled upon an online real estate investing tool that, amongst it’s MANY functions, “does” my investor buyer list for me.  All at the click of a button.

What this online tool does is use web 2.0 technology and social networking technology to create instant communication that gets deals sold.  The module in this system is called simply Matchmaking.  It puts my properties right there where the Real Estate Buyers are looking.  Beautiful!

I post the details of my property, all the normal stuff like ARV, asking price, yada yada, etc. etc.

The system instantly finds other investors who have the parameters of the deal I posted in there profile like location, price range, ARV, estimated repairs, etc.  So as you see, it’s a time saver for them too.

And then sends them an email FOR me, to their own accounts.


Qualified buyers, looking for deals EXACTLY like the one you have in your hot little hands.  And it contacts them with everything they need to know, with your own contact info right there.

This online tool does so many other things well, like lead management, Doc and Form management, and altho I have not tried it’s deal finding  functions yet (I’m still “crushing it” with direct mail) but they look promising as well.  Your results, of course, may vary.

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