The Inherent Challenge In Finding Real Estate Buyers

The short-term capital gains that come from flipping a property result in higher immediate taxes compared to long-term investment. Fix and flip investors do not get the same tax breaks that buy and hold investors get. Therefore, to accurately predict your profits, you will need to better understand and factor the consequences of taxes in your projections and business plan.

Depends on what form of investment you plan on doing. You probably don’t need me to tell you that if you’re buying a house that you’ll need a lot of money for it. The more disposable income you have for your investment, the more options you have. Buying property is exceptionally costly, as is the work you’ll be doing to the property if your plan is to sell it as a fixer-upper or rent it out. Even if you just plan on living in it and paying your mortgage, that’s a long-term plan for paying off the investment. At a minimum for any of these, you’d need tens of thousands of dollars, and that can spiral into hundreds of thousands quickly.

The toughest aspect to investing today is finding buyers for the properties we buy.  Very few investors still in the game today, have a large and reliable list of investor buyers who will buy up a property at the notification of an email.

So many investors have left investing all together, there is considerably more work involved in getting your deal sold.  In the good ole’ days, your buyer list filled up as a result of your direct mail and networking efforts.  That’s expensive.

VERY expensive these days.  My realtor/broker just told  me:

I spoke at my local REI club, and where as two years ago the average attendance was 200+ investors, is now down to a 20+ average per meeting .  The credit crunch has everyone working harder, and getting fewer deals done.

So it’s plain to see… the old way of gathering a list of investor buyers that are anxious to buy a new deal off your hands is terribly slim.

Fortunately… technology is coming to the rescue.  What I’m using now, is so crazy good, I’ll never go back to the old way of selling my residential properties ever again.

I’m a member of a new exclusive online real estate investing tool that, amongst it’s MANY functions, does my investor buyer list for me.  All at the click of a button.

What this online tool does is use web 2.0 technology and social networking technology create instant communication that gets deals sold.  The module in this system is called simply Matchmaking.

I post the details of my property, all the normal stuff like ARV, etc.

The system instantly finds other investors who have the parameters of the deal I posted in there profile like location, price range, ARV, estimated repairs, etc.

And then sends them and email FOR me, to their own accounts.


Qualified buyers, looking for deals EXACTLY like the one you have in your hot little hands.  And it contacts them with everything they need to know, and your own contact info.

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This online tool does so many other things well, but the real estate buyer finding function, the toughest part for my business, is worth it alone.

And come back here and leave a comment about it.  This thing is amazing.  It’s the future in investing, as far as I’m concerned.

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Worldwide Proven Sector For Investment And Business

Real estate plays an important role while developing the economy. Up downs in the economy directly affects the real estate market of a particular country. In the previous few years, the real estate sector had been facing a number of challenges at the international level. Majorly, the USA one of the affected areas from the recession period that goes on in the world for last three years. Real estate of the USA has been on the downward moral after leading companies have shown their recession period. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between economic development and the real estate sector. For developing countries, it plays an important role while developing the infrastructure.

Since last year, a major part of the society has lost their jobs, unable to get a mortgage on time, unable to pay their credit cards, unable to meet their expenses. All these factors negatively affect the real estate sector, where demand cannot meet the consumption and it started a meltdown in the industry. In this situation, we will find an addition to the number of sellers in the market whereas on other hand it decreases the number of buyers in the market. Besides these, there are many other factors which are responsible for this situation like lack of confidence among people, consumers want to hold on to their finances, increasing unemployment rate, and rise in saving rate habits. All these points make the economy out of its progressive session.

In this situation numbers of financial institutes and banks have come up with their home loan schemes and programs in order to grab the market. For developing economy, these financial institutes really worth out for the middle and low-income group, where people prefer to go with verities of home loan process and loans against property in order to renovation. Herewith home loans, one can be able to apply for buying a new home, for renovation, for reconstruction, for plots/lands, and for renovation. Terms and conditions vary as move from residential to commercial property loans. Before applying for home loans it is recommended to go through various types of home loans, their respective terms, and conditions and EMI calculation. A major section of society is in sought of making money in real estate nowadays by investing in different properties and then reselling them in order to make a profit. However, before selling a property there are few points that must be kept in mind like searching right customer, analyzing current market rates, go in contact with property dealers and real estate dealers for genuine buyers.

For developing countries where real estate proves to be an emerging sector for investment and business-like India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more developing economies welcomes outsiders to inverts in their real estate sectors. In India, it is very easy for outsiders / NRIs to invest with India properties may be in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore all these are the developed and urban sections of the nation. Here, 123realestates bring you with complete information about home loans, home loans calculators, process and lots more about the commercial and residential property of the nation.

The Most Important Questions Sellers Should Ask When Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Selecting a real estate representative to assist in the largest financial transaction a person will likely ever make is a critical part of the home selling process. In a challenging economic environment where competition among real estate companies is on the rise, choosing the agent thats right for you can be a confusing task.

I as a Realtor suggest home sellers start by interviewing several real estate agents to find someone with whom they connect. However, chemistry is not the only variable to consider. The length of time an agent has been in the business, his or her home sale success rate and knowledge of the local market can also play a significant role in the decision-making process.

To jump-start the conversation, I suggest five essential questions home sellers should ask before selecting a real estate representative.

1.How long have you been in the real estate business and what has your success rate been in terms of home sales over the past 12 months? The length of time a real estate representative has been in the business and their home sale success rate demonstrates their knowledge and expertise in the industry. Ideally, a home seller will want to work with an agent who has a high percentage of completed transactions within your homes price range.

2.What was the average amount of time it took to sell those listings? Comparing marketing times between the agents you are interviewing will provide you with an indication of how well that agent markets homes.

3.What was your list-price to sale-price ratio? Significant differences between original listing prices and ultimate sale prices can be an indication that the list prices quoted at the outset were unrealistic.

4.What is your online marketing plan to sell my property? In Canada, the vast majority of home buyers begin their home search on the Internet. Therefore, the real estate representative you select should have a strong online marketing presence as well as be visible through social media outlets in order to reach the widest possible audience. Websites such as a branded YouTube channel, allow real estate agents to showcase their listings and local knowledge by tapping into the power of video and offering consumers a new way to search for homes online.

5.Do you have references you can share from past clients? References allow you to gain additional insight into the day-to-day workings with the real estate agent. Gathering reputable references will help ensure that you select the best real estate representative for your needs.

6.Do you work full-time or part-time as a real estate agent? Full-time work typically means more attention for you.

7.How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood? An agent who specializes in the area in which you are selling your home is preferable. This agent will be the most familiar with recent sales activity and will be able to recommend a good market price for your home.

8.How much can I expect to pay? Commissions are negotiable depending on what kind of listing arrangement you have with your agent.

9.At what price do you think my condo or home can sell given the current market? This will allow the agent to display his knowledge of your market.

About the Author:
I’m Agnes Chaitas a Top 1% Coldwell Banker Terrequity Real Estate Agent in Toronto, Canada.

I enjoy writing articles about tips and informative information on the Real Estate market.

Also ask if the agent has won any awards, as that will signify that they are an elite real estate agent.

For more information or if you have specific questions you would like to ask, please feel free to call or email me.



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